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System solutions for the school living space

As a high-performance, full-service supplier VS is able to develop all learning areas of the school living space in a functional and differentiated way. VS covers the full range of needs of the modern information society – with intelligent, innovative and integrative furniture solutions offering diverse applications that can be adjusted very flexibly to fit a large variety of learning situations.

School refectory, canteen, lunches.

Organize spaces flexibly.
Organize spaces flexibly.

Flexibility with stackable tables and chairs. Crucial to the flexibility of a space is its furniture. How much alteration are the tables and chairs capable of – how many options do they provide for different activities? Apart from traditional furniture for the refectory or school canteen, VS also offers space-saving solutions but above all easy to move and highly flexible furniture.

This can be used in rooms which serve at times as a refectory or canteen but which are also used for other activities during the rest of the day. Tables and chairs are placed to one side and stacked to save space, or can be swiftly reorganized. Stackable chairs have row connectors so they are can provide ideal seating too for large areas.